Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From Manila to Singapore to Malaysia and back again - Itinerary, Budget, and Some Tips

This is by far our most challenging trip yet. But since we had a dry run last January with our Baguio trip, we knew that we can do this. With careful planning and enough knowledge we could muster, we stepped into the unknown with our version of a 6 days, 5 nights Singapore - Malaysia (Johor Bahru) – Singapore adventure, our first out-of-country trip as a family of four. I must admit that we're not luxurious travelers, but Ramir and I agree that some inconveniences are necessary so we can afford to let our children see a place entirely different from what they know. It is also a way to stretch them in terms of physical abilities since they need to be mobile most of the time.  It's also a test of their patience thresh hold since waiting for our turns and falling in lines have been operative instructions every single time. And for Ramir and I, it's a test of our teamwork, as a couple, as parents and as travel buddies. We need to juggle between fixing schedules, charting itineraries, taking care of the kids, navigating maps, carrying our baggage, taking pictures and everything else in between, and still have a good time.

I must give credit to amazing children, who have the endurance to wake up at 6 in the morning, ride a plane, go around Singapore until night time, still proceed to Johor and retire at 12 midnight and still up and running the next day at 8am. So how did our trip go? I must say, sulit na sulit.

Below is our detailed itinerary.
Day 1, Wednesday
Fragrance Hotel, Gardens by the Bay and Tune Hotel

Cebu Pacific - Manila-Singapore-Manila (Airfare) for 4 - P26,029.24 
     - Travel Tax for 2 adults - P1620 x 2 = P3,240
     - Travel Tax for 2 kids - P810 x 2 = P1,620
     - Terminal Fee for 4 - P550 x 4 = P2,200
     - Time of Departure in Manila - 10:10am

1. Time of Arrival in Singapore - 1:35pm

2. Changed money to Singapore Dollars

3. Took a taxi from Changi Airport to Fragrance Hotel (Bugis) - S16.80

4. Deposited baggage to Fragrance Hotel
     - Tip: We're booked at Fragrance Hotel for two nights.  They allowed baggage deposits, free of charge. We deposited all our baggage for a hassle-free touring. 

5. Super late lunch at Kafei Dian - S16.20
     - Just around the corner of Fragrance Hotel
     - They serve good food at reasonable prices. They charge around S.20 for every glass of water.  They'll assume you need hot water so tell them ahead if you want it cold.

6. Went to Gardens by the Bay
     - Bay South Outdoor Gardens - Free
            - Opens 5:00am - 2:00am daily                                                                   
     - Cooled Conservatories (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest) - S71 for 2 adults and 1 kid
            - Opens 9:00am - 9:00pm daily
     - OCBC Garden Rhapsody at Supertree Grove at 7:45pm - Free
Directions going to Gardens by the Bay from Fragrance Hotel, Bugis
     - From Fragrance Hotel walk toVictoria St.
     - Take Bus 133 in front of Bras Basah Complex (Bus Stop B01019)
     - Get off at Bayfront Avenue, opposite Marina Bay Sands MICE (Bus Stop B03519)
     - Follow the sign to Gardens by the Bay
     - Bus ride for adults - S.73 x 2 = S1.46
     - Bus ride for kids - S.36 x 2 = S.72
Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay
7. Dinner at KFC (opposite Bugis Junction) - S14.70
Directions going to Opposite Bugis Junction from Gardens by the Bay
     - Walk to the opposite side of the Garden through a bridgeway.
     - Take Bus 133 at Marina Bay Sands MICE (Bus Stop 03511)
     - Alight opposite Bugis Junction (Bus stop 01113)
     - KFC is right at the corner
     - Bus ride for adults - S.73 x 2 = S1.46
     - Bus ride for kids - S.36 x 2 = S.72

8. Retrieved packed-for-Malaysia baggage from Fragrance Hotel
     - Since we anticipated that we would be lugging too many baggage if we'll bring everything, we packed two sets of baggage, one for Malaysia and one for Singapore. We left our Singapore baggage at Fragrance Hotel since our check in was still on May 4.

Directions going to Fragrance Hotel from KFC
     - Walk two blocks from KFC to Middle Road
     - From Middle Road, walk another 2 blocks

9. Went to Singapore Johor Express Bus Terminal at Queens St.
Directions going to the bus terminal from Fragrance Hotel
     - Take a cab to Queen St. - S7.30
     - Alight at the Singapore Johor Express Bus Terminal

10. Took the Singapore Johor Express to Larkin Cental Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
     - Paid the fare - S1.20 x 2 kids = S2.40; S2.40 x 2 adults = S4.80
     - Tip: There are other bus options (Bus 170 and Causeway Link 2) to Johor Bahru, but the Singapore Johore Express is a non-stop terminal to terminal bus line. You will just be required to get off the bus for immigration clearances twice, one at the Woodlands Checkpoint and the other at the Malaysian border.
     - Travel time is approximately one hour 
Some Notes:
     - At the Woodlands Checkpoint, get all your things and get off the bus.
     - Take the escalator, and have your passport stamped at the immigration.
     - Proceed to exit and go down the escalator.  Look for the Singapore Johor Express Bus.  There's a chance that the bus you've ridden going to Woodlands Checkpoint isn't the same bus you'll take after undergoing the immigration process.  Just show your ticket and the driver would take you in.
     - After about ten minutes, you'll arrive at the Malaysian Immigration. Again, get all your things and get off the bus.
     - Take the escalator, and have your passport stamped at the immigration.
     - Proceed to exit and go down the escalator.  Look for the Singapore Johor Express Bus.
     - After about 10 minutes, the bus would stop at the Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru.

11. Upon arrival at the Larkin Bus Terminal, we took a cab going to Tune Hotel - Taxi fare - S10
     - Tips: There would be barkers who'll lure you to take a fixed rate taxi.  Decline them.  There are taxi bays where taxis are lined up.  Approach them and inquire if they can take you to Tune Hotel at Danga Bay.  Make sure that they'll use the meter. Also, make sure that you have Malaysian ringgit with you.  We forgot to change our money to ringgit.  Although the driver accepted our Singapore dollars, it would have been cheaper if we paid in ringgit.

12. Check in at Tune Hotel - RM476.40 (3 days, 3 nights)
Day 2, Thursday - Legoland

1. Purchased round trip coach tickets at Odyssey - RM45 for 3 persons (no child rate, child sitting on lap is free.)
     - The Odyssey office is right beside the hotel's side entrance.
     - Tip: Buy tickets as soon as you arrive at the hotel.  Since we arrived very late, the office was closed.  I was informed that the office would open at 7am.  I was able to get a slot for their 10:30am (Tune to Legoland) and 7:00pm (Legoland to Tune) coach arrangement.  Their 9:30am and 6:00 pm; and their 10:00am and 6:30pm slots were fully booked. And it was a weekday.

2. Breakfast at Saffron Cuisine (right beside the Odyssey office) - RM15

3. Went to Legoland.
     - We were picked up at exactly 10:30.
     - We were dropped off at Medini Mall.  At the opposite end is Legoland.  We were told that we will be picked up at the exact point where we were dropped off.
     - We had some of our dollars changed to Malaysian ringgit at the Point Convenience Store near Legoland's entrance.
At Tune Hotel lobby while waiting for our coach
4. Arrived at Legoland 
     - Ticket Price - RM280 (2 adults); RM110 (1 kid) 
     - Open from 10 am until 6 pm.
     - A weekday is a lean day.  We really had a lot of fun.  It wasn't crowded at all. But it's very hot and humid.
     - Tips: Bring some change of clothes, a fan and an umbrella.  You may also opt to try the 4-D Theater at high noon and have lunch in one of the airconditioned food stations.  This would give you time to recharge and be relieved from the heat. They accept Singapore dollars at Legoland.  Their rates are better than the Point Convenience Store.
     - Lunch at Pizzamania (inside Legoland) - RM48.70

Riding the roller coaster at Legoland
5. Went back to Tune Hotel
     - We were exactly picked up at 7pm.

6. Dinner at Sekinchan Ikan Bakar (Malaysian restaurant in front of Tune Hotel) - RM72.40
     - They have a Filipino server.  Her name is Farrah.  She made her recommendations and we took her word for it. We enjoyed the Malaysian version of tinapa rice and yangchow fried rice.  We also liked their broiled fish and squid because the condiments that went with it were tasty.

7.  Walked back to the hotel.
Day 3, Friday - Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park 
(Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the Little Big Club)

1. Ate breakfast
     - We had leftovers from the night before. We were ready by 930am.  

2. Took a cab going to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park - RM18

3. Arrived at Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park 5 minutes before opening time.
     - Ticket Price - RM330 (3 persons; no child rate)
     - Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6:00pm; Closed on Tuesday except during school and public holidays
     - Notes: Puteri Harbor Family Theme Park is an indoor airconditioned facility which housed Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (2nd floor) and The Little Big Club (3rd and 4th floor). Sanrio Hello Kitty Town has Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel while The Little Big Club has Thomas and Friends, Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina and Pingu. If you want to enter just one attraction (either Sanrio Hello Kitty Town or The Little Big Club), the ticket is cheaper at RM75.  But we felt its better to buy the 2 park pass at RM110 especially since we have a lot of time to go around, and the place isn't really that big.
Hello Kitty!

4.  Took a blue cab back to Tune Hotel - RM48.20
     - This was a costly mistake. We didn't know that this taxi charges twice because they're premium taxis. Moral of the story: never take the blue taxi.
     -  Tip: Get the number of your taxi driver who'll bring you to the theme park. Just call him for your pick up.

5.  Arrived at Tune Hotel

6. Dinner at 7 Spices (walking distance from the hotel) - RM 56.50
     - It's an Indian restaurant with good food.  But most in their menu are spicy.
     - Tip: If you opt for a non-spicy fare, ask the attendant.  And their less spicy food might be a little bit strong for the Filipino palate. And you may forego the plates. You may request to have your food to be served in banana leaves.

7. Retired early

Day 4, Saturday 
Tune Hotel, Fragrance Hotel, Universal Studios and 
S.E.A. Aquarium

1. Checked out at 7:30 am.

2. Got a taxi to Larkin Bus Terminal - RM16

3. Bought tickets from Singapore Johor Express ticket outlet
     - Bus fare RM3.30 x 2 adults = RM6.60, RM1.20 x 1 kid = RM1.20
     - The outlet is near platform number 14, the same platform where we would board our bus going back to Singapore.
      - The bus arrives every 15 minutes (at least this was what the ticket guy said).

4. Took the Singapore Johor Express to Queens Street in Singapore
     - We did the whole immigration process in reverse.
     - We got off the bus with all our stuff at the Malaysian Immigration, had our passports stamped. Then we boarded our bus again.
     - When we arrived at the Woodlands Checkpoint, we got off our bus again. This time, we had to fill out embarkation cards. Then we lined up for immigration clearance. Then we boarded our bus once more. We arrived at the bus station in Queens Street after more than an hour.
     - Note: Our travel time was longer because of traffic and longer queues at the immigration.

5.  Got off at Queens Street

6.  Hailed a taxi going to Fragrance Hotel in Bugis - S7.80

7. Deposited our baggage at Fragrance Hotel

8. Took a cab to Resorts World for Universal Studios - S13.20
     - Estimated travel time: 15-20 minutes

9. Arrived at Universal Studios 
     - We were able to get a deal over the internet, using my Mastercard - S206 for 2 Adult Dated One-day Pass to Universal Studios, 2 Adult Dated One-day Pass to S.E.A Aquarium, 1 Free Child Dated One-day Pass to Universal Studios and 1 Free Child Dated One-day Pass to S.E.A Aquarium.
     - Regular ticket price - One Day Pass - S74 (aged 13 to 59); S54 (aged 4-12)
     - Opening Hours: Saturday 10am to 8pm, other days 10am to 7pm
     - Since it was a Saturday, the lines on different attractions were longer.  We walked around and looked for attractions with short waiting times.
     - We had lunch at Discovery Food Center - S29.50
     - We decided to take a break from the heat by 2pm.
     - Note: Make sure that you get a stamp at the exit so you can get back in.
King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round Carousel at Universal Studios
10.  We went to S.E.A Aquarium.
     - Regular ticket price - S29 (aged 13 to 59); S20 (aged 4-12)
     - Opening Hours - Everyday 10am to 7pm
     - There was a long line when we entered the Aquarium.  It took us around 30 minutes waiting time before we got in.  We roamed the whole aquarium for an hour and a half.  By 4:30, we got back to Universal Studios to catch the Hollywood Dream Parade.
Enjoying the fishes at S.E.A Aquarium
11. Went back to Universal Studios
     - Caught the Hollywood Dream Parade at 5pm.  This starts at Water World and ends at New York.
     - Note: At 5pm the sun was less harsh.  There where lesser people and shorter lines.  We really had a better time. We were able to roam around and take the rides we wanted.
     - We waited for the Lake Hollywood Spectacular (fireworks show)at 8pm.
With Puss at Universal Studios
12. Dinner at the Malaysian Food Street just outside Universal Studios - S19
     - This is like a food court where you can choose to get your food from the different stalls inside.
     - We got chicken rice, rice balls and other street food like fish balls, tau kua (tokwa) and fried chicken wings.

13. Watched Lake of Dreams - Free
     - A water and light show at the Festive Walk (near Universal Studios) - 9:45pm

14. Took a cab to Fragrance Hotel - S15.80

15. Checked in at Fragrance Hotel - S351 (3 days, 2 nights)

Day 5, Sunday
Science Center, Chinatown and Merlion Park

1. Heard mass at St. Joseph's Church at 8:30am.
Directions going to St. Joseph's Church from Fragrance Hotel, Bugis
     - From Fragrance Hotel, walk two blocks to Victoria Street.  It's the church near the traffic light.

2. Went to Singapore Science Center
Directions going to Singapore Science Center from St. Joseph's Church
     - From St. Joseph's Church, walk one block to North Bridge Road.
     - Board Bus 197 at Cosmic Insurance Building (Bus Stop 01029)
     - After about an hour, alight at Jurong East Central (Bus Stop 28439)
     - Walk to Singapore Science Center (about 3 minutes)
     - Bus ride for adults - S1.55 x 2 = S3.10
     - Bus ride for kids - S.77 x 2 = S1.54

3. Breakfast at McDonald's - S15.85

4. Explored the Singapore Science Center
     - Open daily from 10am to 6pm
     - Ticket Prices  for Science Center and Snow City - S72 (2 adults and 2 kids)
     - Experience the different exhibits and activities. Get a hold of the show and program schedules.  Plan your time around the schedules.
     - We saw the Tesla Coil at 12nn, the Climate Change Show at 1pm and the Fire Tornado Show at 3pm.

5. Walked to the Snow City at 3:30pm
     - We spent around 45 minutes here.  Our ticket entitles us for an hour of play inside the snow chamber.  You can do snow tubing as much as you like. 
     - Note: Jackets and boots are free.  You need to bring your socks or you would need to buy.  We rented snow paraphernalia: Waterproof pants - S13.20 (2 adults and 2 kids), Gloves - 7.40 (2 adults and 2 kids)
     - Tips: You can ask the photographers to take as much photo.  There is a dedicated photographer at the entrance and at the snow tubing area.  They'll give you a stub.  Outside the snow chamber are photo viewing kiosks.  Just input the number of your stub and you'll see your photos.  You can have your photos printed.  We had 4 wallet sized photos printed at S25.

6. Walked to WaterWorks
     - This is a water exhibit where kids will get wet.  They had a grand time here. We stayed here until 5:30pm.
     - Note:  Bring swimsuits, towels and change of clothes.
Enjoying the WaterWorks Exhibit at the Science Center
7. Went to Chinatown
Directions going to Chinatown from Singapore Science Center
     - From Singapore Science Center, walk to Jurong East Central (Bus Stop 28431)
     - Board bus 197 
     - Alight at People's Park Complex, Eu Tong Sen Street (Bus stop 05013)
     - Walk to Pagoda Street
     - Bus ride for adults - S1.47 x 2 = S2.94
     - Bus ride for kids - S.73 x 2 = S1.46

8. Dinner at Ba Dao Guan - S47

9. Pasalubong Shopping 

10. Went to Merlion Park
Directions going to Merlion Park from Chinatown
     - Walk to the Chinatown MTR
     - Buy a single journey ticket to Raffles Place Station at the ticketing machine.
     - Board the North East line towards Harbourfront Station
     - After one stop, alight at Outram Park Station 
     - Transfer to the East West line and board the train going to Pasir Ris Station.
     - After two stops, alight at the Raffles Place Station.
     - Take Exit H, walk towards One Fullerton, then cross the street for the Merlion Park.
     - Train ride: S.78 x 3 pax = S2.34

11. Take in the Merlion Park night scenery
     - This is where you can get an unobstructed view of the Esplanade, Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands.

12. Return to Fragrance Hotel
Directions going to Fragrance Hotel from Merlion Park
     - Walk to Victoria Concert Hall (Bus Stop 02011) at Fullerton Road.
     - Take Bus 100
     - Alight at the opposite of Shaw Towers, Beach Road (Bus Stop 1621).
     - Walk to Fragrance Hotel
     - Bus ride for adults - S.73 x 2 = S1.43
     - Bus ride for kids - S.36 x 2 = S1.46

Day 6, Monday
Singapore Zoo

1.  Checked out early.

2. Deposited our baggage.

3. Went to Singapore Zoo
Directions going to Singapore Zoo from Fragrance Hotel
     - Walk to after Beach Road, Middle Road (Bus Stop 01631)
     - Board bus 980
     - Alight before Seletar expressway, Upper Thomson Road (Bus Stop 56081)
     - Board bus 138
     - Alight at Singapore Zoo in Mandai Lake Road.

4. Explore Singapore Zoo
     - Since we have a very limited time, we bought tram tickets to ensure that we'll be able to tour the whole zoo.  We marveled at the animals for almost half a day.  We went down on stops where the animals interest us (e.g. lions, zebras, giraffes, hippos, elephants, mostly from Wild Africa).  Take note of the feeding times.  The animals are very active when being fed.
     - Tram ride: S5 x 2 adults = S10; S3 x 2 kids = S6 
     - Lunch at Ah Meng restaurant - S31.70
     - Watched the Rainforest Fights Back Show at the Shaw Foundation Amphitheater at 12:30pm.
     - We left the zoo at 2pm.
Riding the tram at the Singapore Zoo
5. Rode a taxi to Fragrance Hotel - S19.80
     - Taxi is the best way to go.  It cut our travel time of more than an hour in half.

6. Took our baggage

7. Rode a taxi to Changi Airport - S17.80

8. Waste time around the airport
     - You can do some art activity, or play video games, or watch some movies, or go to the sunflower garden. And there's free wifi too.

9. Boarded our plane at 5:40pm

10. Arrived in Manila at 10:00pm

11. Took a coupon taxi at NAIA Terminal 2 - P790

12. Home Sweet Home

1.  Bring your own drinking bottles. You can refill at water stations in Singapore. Cheaper than to buying bottled water all the time. You can also buy 1.5 liters of bottled water in convenience stores to refill your water containers, cheaper than buying smaller sized bottled water.
2.  Always make sure that you have change of clothes, umbrella, extra towels, wipes, powder and cologne.  Singapore and Malaysia's weather is hot and humid.  Having these, will help you keep kids feel fresh and comfortable.
3.  Always have a food stash. Biscuits, sandwiches, hard candies.  Anything to eat.  Kids can't go hungry.
4.  Buy all your tickets online.  This way, you can bypass the lines.  When you have your tickets, you can go straight to the entrance.  Sometimes, you get discounts too.
5.  Book through Asiatravel if they offer a free one-way ride to your hotel. Just make sure you make the right reservations for your free transfer.  This will save you a few bucks.  I made a mistake with our reservation that's why we weren't able to avail of this freebie.
6. Plan your itinerary well.  We were able to cover as much ground because we had a planned day-to-day schedule.
7. Do your research.  There's a sea of information about Singapore and Malaysia.  gothere.sg was very helpful in planning our bus and train rides.  The websites of all the attractions we've been to were also very helpful.
8. Choose your battles.  Start from your must-see and must-do list in every attraction.  Once you're done with these, proceed with the rest.  This way, you don't get to feel bitin or sayang.
9. Try to take the public transport.  Singapore's very efficient.  Riding the bus felt like pasyal. And it's cheap too. They don't give change though.  So be sure you have smaller bills and coins with you. If it's available, get the bus itinerary leaflet near the bus entrance door.  This way you can anticipate the bus stop where you're suppose to alight.  And the drivers are nice.  You can ask them to prompt you for your stop.

We didn't really know our thresh hold until we took the plunge.  Gladly, our family endured. I guess, the best thing about traveling together is you're forced to stick it out with each other. No matter what. And somehow, you get to discover every family member's individuality on a foreign environment.  After this trip, I realized that I'm more grateful that I have a good travel partner for a husband.  I also feel very blessed that my kids adapt well and are suckers for pasyal, bus rides and train rides. Thanks for reading this far.


  1. hi mommy! My family (i, hubby and baby) will be having a trip on Dec this year sg to kl (not sure yet where in Malaysia)...and I really like your itinerary. Would you mind sharing with me some more tips and the total expense? thanks a lot. Please email me zephry_x03@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    1. Hi! We spent more or less 100k for all of 4 of us. Please refer to the post for the breakdown. Good luck on your trip.

  2. Hi, did Fragrance charge for an extra bed for your child? If so, how much? Thanks!

    1. Hi Grace,
      We stayed in a family room. It allows for 3 adults and 1 kid. We didn't pay any extra fee. Hope this helps.

    2. Thanks, Danie! May I also ask how long it took you to go through Immigration? We're a family of four, with the youngest being three years old. I am thinking if the extra expense of paying for taxi (was quoted RM190 one way) is worth the convenience. Thanks!

    3. Blogger Danie Sedilla-Cruz said...

      Hi Grace,
      It depends on the time of your arrival at the immigration. We went to Malaysia from Singapore around midnight. Super fast, around 15 minutes and we're done. We went from Malaysia to Singapore, around 830am, the lines were longer. It took us around 30 to 45 minutes. Whether you'll ride a taxi or a bus, you really have to go through immigration. But yes, if you can leave your stuff in the taxi, while you go through immigration, I think the convenience is worth it. :-) We didn't take a taxi because we were on a budget and since we packed lightly, we felt that we can do it. :-)

  3. Hi Momy Danie,

    this will be my first out of the country trip and it will happen on Nov 24-29. i will be staying at my family's house in SG. my ticket will be Mnl-SG SG Mnl. when will be the best time to go to malaysia?? upon arrival or after touring SG? where did you buy your Universal studio tix? i am planning to buy it from RW website. also doe aside from Tune Hotel is there any hotel or hostel that you can recommend? thanks for this tip and for the possible reply.

  4. Hi!
    To answer your queries...We felt that it would be too tiring for us if we go to Malaysia on the latter part of our trip. So we did it on the first leg which I think was perfect because we're not rushing. When we arrived, we deposited our luggage in our hotel in SG, then went a little tour in SG, then proceeded to Malaysia. We bought our Universal tickets in the RW website. There was a family package promo at that time for a Universal-SEA Aquarium ticket combo (buy 2, get 1 kid ticket free). Try clicking the promo button at the RW website. I'm so sorry but we didn't scout any other hotel aside from Tune. :-)

  5. Hi. :) How much did you spend for all? We are planning to go to Singapore and also in Malaysia, but we don't know how much money we are going to prepare in order for us to survive. Haha. Your blog is very helpful to everyone. Thanks for this. Keep it up. Some comments, add more pictures as you can, because it can help a lot in appreciating how beautiful the place is. Thanks again. :))))

  6. Thanks for writing. I'm suppose to upload more photos on a separate post but time was so scarce this past few months. hahaha. Don't worry, I'll do that. All in all, we've spent around P120,000 for the whole trip. :-)

  7. hello po ,question lang..ilang oras po byahe from SG to MALAYSIA? thanks po

  8. From Bugis, it's about 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on how long immigration would take. :-)

  9. Hi, I've been to Sg twice in 2006. This year I'm planning to go back there with my two teenage kids. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tour in Singapore and Malaysia, i will print it out and use it as our guide in our trip. Thanks again.

  10. Ms Danie my 5 yr old daughter and i will be going to Singapore this May. However, our trip is only for 3 days and 2 nights and will be staying in Fragrance bugis for the entire trip. We will be arriving at Changi at 10 am so i am planning to have our baggage deposited at the hotel and then proceed to our tour either in Universal Studio or in SEA Aquarium. May I ask if the hotel allows such baggage deposit for free or with a cost. Also since our trip is just 3 days I am planning for Universal Studio for day 1, SEA Aquarium for day 2, and funvee for day 3. Do you think this is practical and not too tiresome for my child? Can you suggest some other site we should check out in Singapore.

    Thank you very much and God bless.

    1. Hi. Baggage deposit at Fragrance is free. Your itinerary is just right, although we did the Universal and SEA Aquarium in one day. :-) Our kids had a great time in their Science Center and the Zoo (although both are quite far from your hotel). If you want something nearer, you might like to visit Gardens by the Bay. But if you're doing the Funvee, I think that would be great too. Good luck on your trip. :-)

  11. Thank you for this informative blog. Now I am more interested in going to Singapore & Malaysia with my family (including 2 toddler granddaughters). I'll definitely print this and use this to plan our trip. God bless you & your family!

  12. Hi Ms. Crista,
    Thank you. Good luck on your trip. :-)


  13. Hi! Our family is going to Singapore and our flight back will be via Malaysia. I checked the rates at Tune Hotel and it seems that its more practical to book here than in Singapore. Now, is going to/from Singapore for at least 3 consecutive days (as most of our interests are in Singapore) will not pose any problem to the immigration?

    1. Hi. I agree with you. Staying in Malaysia is way cheaper than staying Singapore. I don't think there would be any problem if you're going to stay in Malaysia for three days since both countries don't require any visa for you to get in. Hope this helps.

  14. Hi mommy Danie. I'm planning to go SG to see my fiance. How much do u think I need to prepare to stay for 3D and 3N there ? And does Fragrance Hotel got room for two ? How much it will cost ? Do I need a visa to get there ? Or passport only will do ? If I'll be going from Johor to SG, wat will I need to pass chekpoints ? Please help mommy. Thank you.

    1. Hi Maiee,
      We spent around Php100,000 for 7 days and 6 nights including airfare. We're 2 kids and 4 adults. I think Php10,000 is a good starting amount if you plan to go around and tryout the some of SG's attractions. Yes, Fragrance has a room for 2. You may visit their website - http://www.fragrancehotel.com/ for the accurate price. If you are a Filipino, no visa needed. Your passport would suffice. If you're going to Johor, you would need to pass through two immigration checkpoints - SG's Woodlands and Malaysia's Johor Bahru. Hope this helps.

  15. where did you booked your hotels?in booking.com or directly to their website? is it cheaper to book on our own or get a tour package?

    1. For this particular trip, we booked directly to the hotel's website. We also made our own itineraries. We found it to be cheaper. Thank you.

  16. in which fragrance hotel exactly did u stay?tnx for the reply god bless u and your family.

  17. hi! we have a big family (9adults and 5kids) who plans to go to SNG and Malaysia this summer. Do u think its better to go on our own just like yours or just get a tour package since we are a big group? thanks for this itinerary!

  18. Hi, how much did you pay for your air fair? did you ask a travel agency for the air tix?

  19. Hi! We paid around P25,000. We got it on seat sale. No we didn't ask a travel agency. :-)

  20. Hi :)
    Will be going to SG this March for 4D3N but we're planning to visit Malaysia as well (probably just a day tour). What do you recommend for us to visit in SG and Malaysia with the 4D 3N? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi. It really depends on your itinerary. But I think you'll be rushed, especially there are a lot of things to be seen in both Singapore and Malaysia. But if that's not a problem with you, then I think it's ok.

  21. Hi mommy danie! I'm planning a trip with my bf to SG for 4D3N. Mas sulit po ba if we're gonna visit Malaysia as well instead of just SG? Thank you so much for this blog :) it helped a lot!

    1. Hi Nini. If it's just four days and three nights, I feel that it would be more time and cost efficient if you'll just stay in SG. Instead of spending time shuttling between countries, I'd rather that I'll just spend all of my time going around SG. Para din hindi bitin. But then again, it's me. :-) You might have a different plan in mind. Good luck!

  22. Hi mommy danie. I found your blog really very helpful as I together with my mom & sister will be going to SG this Oct, and we're planning to include KL in our itinerary. Its our first time traveling abroad. Do I need to disclose visiting 2 countries in the PH embassy despite my MNL-SG-MNL tickets? So as to malaysian embassy strict? Thanks!

    1. Sorry, I got confused with the PH embassy detail. If you'll go outside the country, you'll need to pass by the immigration. But that wouldn't be a problem since you'll have your boarding pass with you. By this time, you should have checked in to your airline's counter. Malaysian embassy is not really strict. You can go through them easily but be sure to disclose details of your itinerary just in case the immigration officer asks. Hope this helps.

  23. Hi! Me and my family will be going to Legoland this weekend from Singapore. Is there anything else we need to present at the Singapore and Malaysia immigration other than our passports?

    1. As far as I can remember, only our passports were presented.

  24. Hi. Just want to ask if its easy to book for a hotel upon arrival at SG and Malaysia or will it be better to book earlier?

    1. It would save you a lot of time and trouble if you book in advance. :-)

  25. I just want to ask if you booked or reserved for the bus ride to Malaysia or you bought it when you arrived there? :) Thank you for a very detailed Itinerary, it's really helping me :D

    1. Hi Janine,
      Nope. We didn't make a reservation. We just went straight to the bus station and bought the ticket there.

  26. Hi Mam Dannie ask ko lang po nung tinanong kayo sa immigration bago umalis ng bansa, pinalita niyo po ba yanh detaul tour itenirary niyo po kung san ung mga ppntahan niyo? I bought MNL-Singapore-MNL and first time ko po mag out of country.dadaan lang po talaga ko ng singapore papnta ng malaysia.ano po ba ang dapat kong sabihin sa IO pag tinanong ako? Salamat po.eto po email ko. Baka po pwd po tayo mag usap kahit chat man lang kasi may maga katanungan pa po ako. Pasensiya na po. zlvendivil@globe.com.ph

    1. Wala namang itinanong yung immigration officer. They just checked our passports. If the immigration officer asked, you just tell the truth. You would go to Malaysia but booked MNL-Singapore-MNL. Hope this helps.

  27. Hello! What month po kayo nagpinta sa sg-malaysia? Was it very humid? Thanks

  28. hi mommy danie,

    ask ko lng po, me and my friends are scheduled for a trip to sg this end of the month, this is our first travel and our ticket is MNL-SG and SG-MNL, but we are also planning to visit MLY, hindi po ba kmi magkakaproblema xa immigration ng MLY pag nakita na ung ticket namin eh MNL-SG-MNL lng po?, and would it be possible for SG-MLY-SG in just 1 day?,hoping for your response.. thank u so much po

  29. Hi Mam Danie. Confirm ko lang po, ibig nyong sabihin upon arrival nyo sa SG, din-rop nyo lang po ung baggage nyo sa FRAGRANCE Hotel for free pero hindi pa po counted sa check in dates nyo? Pagbalik nyo nlng po from Malaysia trip yong real the check in dates nyo? Hope you reply po. Thanks.

    1. Yes. Actually, most hotels/hostels offer this as long as you'll be staying with them. :-)

  30. Hello po superwomom, ask ko Lang po Kung need ko pa ba ilagay sa itinerary ko ung day tour sa Malaysia kht MNL-SG/SG-MNL Lang ung binook ko na plane tickets or kahit hindi ko na po ilagay? This coming may po sana kasi ako punta. .And pwede po ba magplane nlng instead of bus if ever pra mas madali makatour Ng Malaysia.
    Please help superwomom.Thank you so much po

    1. I don't think you need to put in your itinerary that you'll do a day tour in Malaysia. I'm not sure about taking a plane. We just went to Johor, which is very near Singapore. Taking a bus would be the wisest mode of transportation if you'll go to Johor. :-) Good luck!

  31. Hi James, I'm so sorry. I'm not sure re: your inquiry. Thanks!

  32. Hello po.I just want to ask how long does it take to go to JB from singapore? What's the easiest mode of transportation going to JB? I searched thru net kasi na may train din papunta dun. and from JB, madali lang po ba makapunta to Kuala Lumpur? We're planning to go to Singapore kasi next month. Our plan is from Manila to SG kami, then from SG, we'll go to Malaysia and dun nadin kami sasakay pabalik Manila. possible din po ba yon? Thank you :)


I would love to hear from you. ;-)